Set Ups

I’ve got the kit, but what now?

Black Owl specialises in working with you to get your new kit set up and working the way you want it. We’ll take time to talk through how you want things to work and make recommendations based on our experience of things to consider or change. Once you’re happy with the setup, we can talk you through any specifics that you aren’t sure: for example how to print. To give you a flavour of what we can do:

  • Setting up Windows / Apple macOS.
  • Transferring data from your old computer/laptop to the new one.
  • Prepare and check new mobile and tablet devices including iPads, iPhones, Android Phones, tablets, and eReaders.
  • Configuring ‘smart home’ equipment such as thermostats and security cameras.

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“Later Tim helped connecting up our new Smart TV with a new WiFi Hub (which he also installed for us). This was very helpful as we are of an age when fingers are not as nimble as they once were!”

Jill/Tim Watson
Trustpilot Review

Upgrades and Replacements

How much memory do I need though? Black Owl knows!

Black Owl offers a range of services both in your home, and a complete collection and returns service. If your device is past its best Black Owl can also help source and supply a new one. We take the time to learn about your computing needs and make suitable suggestions. We have provided Solid State Drives to clients who have noticed immensely improved load times with their computer.

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“Thank you for bringing my laptop back to life. It runs like it did when brand new.”

Stew Wale
Facebook Review

Wi-Fi and The Cloud

Want to know more about the mystical black box in the corner?

Black Owl understands the importance of making sure your home Internet and local network are secure, well maintained and set up correctly for you. We have experience with a range of networks from homes to educational and business systems, so we are confident we can help.

From reducing Wi-Fi dark spots to implementing a new router in your home, we’ve been there ourselves. Black Owl can help to optimise your network and get the best out of your connection.

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“…recently upgraded our Wi-Fi at St Paul’s Church, a system they have installed and maintained for us from the outset.”

Steve Bailey
Trustpilot Review

Device Support and Repair

Got yourself in a pickle with a PowerPoint, or bewildered by broadband?

Black Owl offers a range of support with your existing computer equipment too. We can support you either at your home or connect to your computer remotely (broadband internet required). We will listen to what the issue is that you are having, devise a plan, and explain in language that you understand what we need to do. It’s vital to us to keep you informed at every step and make sure that resolutions are found to problems promptly and effectively.

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“Total overhaul of the operating system was needed and Tim at Black Owl did a fantastic job total upfront on the requirement. Specs, options, and price. Retrieved my data and got it working better than when it was new.”

Matthew Lowe
Trustpilot Review

Computer Maintenance

All drivers know that servicing your car regularly at a garage keeps your car safe, and ticking over ready for when you need it most.

Black Owl offer the same service, but for computers and laptops. Our servicing procedure includes:

  • System scan; to optimise your computer
  • Virus/Malware scans; for any viruses or malware lurking in the depths and ensuring you have the tools to reduce risk
  • Software tidy up; removing unnecessary ‘bloatware’
  • Storage review; making space for the content that counts
  • Hardware checks; ensuring that physical hardware is performing normally
  • System updates; achieving all the latest security and performance patches

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“Fantastic service from start to finish made my computer run like a brand new one. It was slow and behind the times Tim was so helpful and Sorted it all within 2 days.”

Michael Whitmore

Virus and Malware Removal

Let Black Owl handle that nasty bug, and squash it!

Nothing is worse than clicking that one bad link, often accidentally – it’s easily done and we’ve all been there. Getting rid of viruses, malware, spyware, adware, and others is only too necessary. Let us help you take back control of your computer, one device at a time.

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“We have used Black Owl for a number of years now. Their service is second to none, nothing is too much trouble and any enquiries are dealt with in timely fashion. One of the stand out features of Black Owl is their “can do” attitude and attention to detail.”

Trustpilot Review

Got a question?
No problem.

Have any questions about what we do and how we do it? We’ve put together an FAQ section below for more information about our services. If your question is not listed, then feel free to contact us so we can help.

Computer and IT Services FAQs

Do you come out to my home, or business premises?

Yes, we travel to you! So long as you have a postcode beginning ‘LE’, you’re set to go. Travel beyond this may be subject to additional travel costs.

Can you visit me after work in the evening?

Yes, this can be arranged by request – we work flexible hours to fit your busy life.

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes, your data is extremely important to us and we will take great care of your data as if it was our own. For your peace of mind we are also registered with the ICO under reference number ZA540461.

Can you provide IT support for a small business?

Yes, we can offer ‘general’ IT Support (also known as desktop support) either one time or as an ongoing service. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Do you repair games consoles/tablets/mobile phones?

Due to the number of ‘non-genuine’, third-party parts now flooding the marketplace, along with added device complexities: this is not something that we can offer at the moment. This does not affect repair work of Laptop and Desktop parts, as we are still able to purchase high-quality, genuine parts from trusted suppliers.

Still got questions?