Due to the nature of digital services, we feel that it is essential to talk to all clients first. We want to ensure that the price we give you is right and fair. The pricing provided below give you a good indication of a ballpark figure for our services and work.


We are usually available ‘on demand’ for call outs, please contact us for specific availability. As a Leicester based company, call out to all LE postcodes is included in our pricing. We are happy to travel beyond, but this may incur additional fees.

Callouts start from £35, including your first hour. Callouts before 9 am, or after 6 pm incur additional fees. We look forward to meeting you!


Set up from £45

Network and Cloud

Wi-Fi optimisation from £35


Remote support from £20

‘On site’ support from £35


Servicing from £20


Upgrades from £95

Other services

Please feel free to contact us for further information, or for a quote.

Our service is:


As we’ve been around since 2013, we know what we’re doing.


We will always treat you with the professionalism and care that you deserve.


We value the importance of being on-time wherever possible.

Crystal Clear

We ensure that our communication is clear, and will be happy to clarify if needed.