Nice to meet you! Have you got technology? Let us nurture it.

What do we do? We repair computer and laptop problems; maintain existing systems and provide hardware upgrades for you. Black Owl also offers professional grade website hosting and development services.

Nuturing your Digital World

Our goal is to keep your digital life running smoothly. Has your computer stopped printing? Laptop battery just not lasting? Your office server not responding? We work with a range of technologies and will endeavour to find a solution for you. Got a problem with your computer at home? No problem, give us a shout, and we’ll help you out. Most importantly, we aim to keep things clear and straightforward – not everything needs to have an acronym!

Why Black Owl?

Suffice to say we have been serving customers since 2013. We strive to provide top-notch support for any package or service you choose. We use fully trusted partners and suppliers to ensure the delivery of our services is professional and reliable. Security is in our roots, and we employ a range of tools to keep you and your business safe and secure. Black Owl have worked with clients such as The Little Theatre, Leicester to provide hosting and media services to empower their marketing.

Doing the Right Thing

It’s about doing the right thing. Black Owl strive to provide a superb quality of service in a manner that brings delight to many of our clients. Black Owl love technology, and working and supporting our amazing clients is what we know best. We back a range of charities and places of worship, enabling them to convey their work better and effectively. Would we have it any other way? We don’t think so.